Pilot Precise V7 Review

  Courtesy of Staples

Recently, I wrote a review of the Pilot Precise V7 RT and was reminded by one of my readers that I had not reviewed the original Pilot Precise V7. The Pilot Precise V7 RT is a great retractable pen, but the original is still a favorite. If you are looking for an extremely smooth yet inexpensive writing instrument, look no further! For the past few years, it has been one of my go-to pens to carry when I'm not in an ideal situation for using a fountain pen.

Courtesy of Staples

The Pilot Precise V7's design is similar to other disposable pens, but a few characteristics place it a step above. My favorite attribute is the fountain pen like feed which is visible under the grip. It's feed keeps up extremely well when writing quickly. The grip on this pen is also quite comfortable and I have experienced little slippage when writing. Its barrel has a clear window in which you can view your exact ink supply which is very convient. The clip on the Pilot Precise V7 is much more sturdy and springy than the retractable Precise V7 RT. I'll go as far as saying this clip is one of my favorites on a disposable pen.

Courtesy of Staples

My writing experience with the Pilot Precise V7 has been nothing less than amazing. I've never experienced a hard start or any feed issues with any of the pens I've owned. Honestly, it performs flawlessly each time and lays down a dark clean line.

Penman's Final Remark

I highly recommend the Pilot Precise V7. You won't be disappointed!

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