Pilot Precise V7 RT: A Quick Review

Photo courtesy of Staples. I spotted the Pilot Precise V7 RT while shopping for office supplies at my local Staples. What attracted me to the Precise V7 RT was the needle point tip. I usually enjoy writing with other needle point pens such as the Pentel Energel, so I decided to give the Precise V7 RT a try. I don't use many disposable pens, but after using this pen for a month, it has become one of my go-to disposable pens to carry when I'm not in an ideal situation for using a fountain pen.

Photo courtesy of Office Depot.

The Pilot Precise V7 RT came in a three pack for $6.49, which is an exceptional value for this flawless writer. The pen's barrel is made of plastic. It has a silver and black design with the model printed on it. The Precise V7 RT has an exceptionally comfortable grip. I'd go as far as saying its one of the better grips I've encountered on a disposable pen and I experience no slippage when writing. The pen disappoints when it comes to the metal clip. At first, the clip was strong enough to clip to a shirt or pant, but it quickly loosen up and now does not stay in place when it is clipped to my shirts. Due to this issue, its long term durability is questionable.

Penman's Final Remark

The Pilot Precise V7 RT performs flawlessly and glides across the page with minimal effort. The experience is so exceptional that I often forget I'm writing with a disposable pen. The ink flows well and puts down a rich dark line that will satisfy its user.

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