Paper Mate InkJoy 550 RT: A Quick Review

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While wandering the isles of Target, I spotted the Paper Mate InkJoy 550 RT on the clearance rack. A package of four pens for the price of $2.98 seemed like a good deal, so I decided to give the InkJoy 550 RT a try. In the past, I have been very pleased with my Paper Mate pen purchases, especially the PhD and Flair.

On the packaging, Paper Mate states that the pen offers a "revolutionary ink system for effortless writing." The InkJoy 550 RT, in fact, does provide an extremely smooth writing experience laying down a rich black line. To date, I have not encountered a pen at this price range that writes just as smoothly.

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Even though this pen provides a smooth writing experience, it is overshadowed by terrible blotting. After writing just one page with the InkJoy 550 RT, the blotted ink was covering the ballpoint and even smeared onto my fingers. I was extremely frustrated, but I decided to give the 550 RT several tries thinking things would sort themselves out, but nothing has changed. Perhaps I received a packaged of faulty pens?

I want to love these pens because the the writing experience is really quite smooth; however, the consistent blotting ruins the experience for me. Paper Mate, please fix the blotting issues in the future, so using this InkJoy can be a joyful experience.

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Penman's Final Remark

Although the InkJoy 550 RT provides a silky smooth writing experience, it's constant blotting makes this pen less than desirable.

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