Sailor 1911 Standard Review


The Sailor 1911 Standard arrived well packaged in a hard blue box with the Sailor logo printed on the top in gold trim. Inside the box, you'll find the pen, converter, two ink cartridges, and a small pamphlet.



The Sailor 1911 Standard has a conservative design that looks classy in any environment. The barrel comes in a few colors: black, blue, burgundy, yellow, ivory, and as a demonstrator. I reviewed the blue resin model and found it to be absolutely gorgeous; however, it may be quite plain to others who dislike the conservative look. The clip, center band, and ring at the end are gold plated with "Sailor Japan Founded 1911" engraved on the center band. The Sailor 1911 can easily be confused with a Platinum #3776 Century or Montblanc 146, but what makes it stand out is its gorgeous 14k gold nib with lovely detailing. I enjoy using the 18k gold nib on the Pilot Vanishing Point, but I have enjoyed this nib just as much! You are really getting a bang for your buck at this price range.

DSC00555DSC00559    DSC00573

Writing Experience

The Sailor 1911 is on the smaller side and lightweight as well. At 20g, it feels balanced both posted and unposted and is quite comfortable; however, it may become uncomfortable for those with large hands after extensive use. For those who have large hands, Sailor has made the 1911 Full-Size model to suit your needs.

The Sailor 1911 has a smooth nib; although, you will experience slight feedback. The feedback is not scratchy but is intended to allow you to feel the nib moving across the paper. The nib had no ink flow issues or troublesome starts. Even though the pen does boast a 14k gold nib, there is very little flex and line variation.DSC00563Sailor 1911

Writing Sample on Rhodia paper. Sorry for my mistake on the "Einstein."

sailor 1911

Penman's Final Remark

The Sailor 1911 is a wonderful pen for those who want a classic and understated look. The nib is smooth and performs well across multiple papers. This is a great pen at an outstanding price!


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